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Where is the Best Place to get your Engagement Photos taken in Duluth, MN?

Duluth is home to a ridiculous amount of beautiful parks. Home to a wide range of landscapes including, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, pine trees, fields, cliffs, quarries, overlooks, and rivers. The options are ENDLESS if you're looking for a spot to get your engagement photos taken in the Duluth area! Choosing the perfect spot can feel a bit overwhelming so, I've thrown together a list of some of my favorite parks to help organize some of the options.

These spots are in or around the Duluth area and offer lots of privacy away from the crowds and people.

Ultimately the best spot is a place you adore the most and that holds memories. This could be a simple walk in your neighborhood, a park you love to go snowshoeing, or a spot on the lake you love to jump in at. Having your engagement photos taken at a spot you already know and love is incredible. It'll relax you and make the experience that much more meaningful and relaxed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Feel free to explore more of the fabulous parks the Duluth, MN area has to offer for Engagement Photos.

  1. Brighton Beach- A stunning rocky Beach on the east side of town.

2. Park Point- No matter the season Park Point is guaranteed to wow you! This sandy beach changes every day. Sometimes the surf is great here, it can be calm and quiet, or roaring waves will come through on this beach. Ice chunks move in, the soft sand can grace your toes, sandy beach in Duluth, MN.

3. Chester Park - located in the heart of Duluth, MN. Chester Park has a wonderful creek rolling through the middle of town. It feels like you're deep in the forest but this creek is the heart of the city for a lot of people. There are lots of black rocks and mature trees. You're sure to be able to get some photos by the water in this park.

4. Lester Park- Lester Park is home to Lester River. A beautiful river that leads into Lake Superior. The park is breathtaking and is a great spot to hike up and see more of this rocky and rushing river.

5. Hawks Ridge- This nature area is the most famous area for its bird watching and overlooks of Lake Superior. It's Ridgeline views are amazing! The back side of the forest at Hawks Ridge is also outstanding too!

6. Hartley Park- In the heart of residential Duluth is Hartley Park. At Hartley, you can find tall pines, a lake/pond, creeks, wild flower fields and lots of forests. This park is expansive and huge, it's not a bad spot to spend hours exploring. This park is also home to mountain bike trails, the Superior Hiking trail and wonderful ski trails in the winter.

7. Gooseberry State Park- A combination of amazing waterfalls and lake superior. Believe it or not beyond the falls is home to many wonderful parts of the park. The shoreline stretches far along Lake Superior as well as the hike up the river is amazing!

8. Tettegouche State Park- A very popular favorite for many. Tettegouche State Park is home to the most beautiful views on the North Shore. This spot is also a bit of a drive from Duluth, MN but if you're heading up the shore it is worth having your photos taken at.

9. Jay Cooke State Park- On the south side of Duluth, in Carlton, MN you can find Jay Cooke State Park. A roaring river moves through this massive park. The rocks are incredible to behold in this area as well.

10. Ely's Peak- Just south of Duluth, Ely's Peak is home to stunning views of the St. Louis River and views of the city of Duluth. A winding hike takes you up to the top of this rock. There is a cave, lots of lush forest and rocks!

11. Black Sand Beach- Is a bit far from Duluth as it's 1.5 hours from Duluth but it well worth this drive. This popular park is a destination for many tourists. In the off-season of tourism, it's a great spot to go and you can often enjoy the shoreline free of any big crowds. If you're going up the North Shore, Silver Bay is a great place to stop.

12. Seven Bridges Road- This historic roadway winds through the Amity Creek area. Off the and around the seven bridges are forests, creeks and trees everywhere. The stone bridges carry rich history for the areas love of the parks.

13. Wisconsin Point- This spot is NOT in Duluth, MN but is home to many folks across the way in Wisconsin. Park Point is a stunning sandy beach. Fun tip: It's the only beach in the twin ports area where you can legally have beach fires.

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