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CRF Event Center | Mt. Iron Wedding

Updated: Apr 26

Abbie and Levi got married at the CRF Event Center in Mount Iron, Minnesota. This private iron range barn venue is a stunning spot to bring together all of your loved ones. With a guest house and full-sized barn there was lots of room for folks getting ready. The entire day mostly took place at the venue as it had everything happening there.

On a crisp fall day, Abbie and Levi's friends and family came together to witness their wedding. Her father surprised her with the family's classic car that her parents used at their wedding. They decorated the barn with local flowers and decorations of their own. This venue was the perfect spot for 250 or so guests to come together and celebrate their marriage.

Abbie Getting her hair done on her wedding day

Abbie getting her make up professionally done before her wedding day.

Getting Professional Wedding Photographer.

Bridesmaids first look at CRP Wedding photography.

Who should I hire for my CRP Wedding Photography?

Couple Abbie and Levi seeing one another for the first time on their wedding day. Tears fall down Abbies face.

Abbie and Levi together embracing one another on their wedding day.

Climbing into restored classic car on wedding day in Mount Iron Minnesota.

Entire wedding party outside of white barn wedding venue in Northern Minnesota.

Bridesmaids outside of wedding venue in October.

Northern Minnesota Wedding Venue in Mount Iron, MN

Bringing together the family for a group shot in Iron Range of Minnesota.

Hiring a candid wedding photographer can yield great images like this that will last a lifetime.

Where is the best place in Mount Iron to get Married?

Everyone crowding into this Northern Minnesota Barn Wedding Venue.

Hiring a candid, fun and easy going wedding photographer.

The best affordable wedding photographer in Northern Minnesota.

Mount Iron CRF Barn Wedding Venue.

Abbie and Levi having their first kiss as a married couple.

CRF Mount Iron Wedding Venue Balcony

The dining area for this large wedding venue in Mount Iron, MN

Northern Minnesota Wedding photographer makes the most impressive images from this wedding day.

Speeches to round out the night of this stunning wedding day.

Duluth Minnesota's best wedding photographer Cece Boyle

CCBoyle Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer in Duluth, MN

First Dances on wedding day at Mount Iron Wedding Day

Snuggling your loved ones on a wedding dance floor.

Finding the best photographer for your candid wedding photo dreams.

Who is the most thoughtful wedding photogrpaher in Northern MN

Laid back, artistic and easy going wedding photographer on the dance floor.

End of the night the crowd winds down in the dance

CRF Event Center Wedding Day

The dance party continues on!


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