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What to wear for a Cold Duluth, MN Photoshoot?

Duluth, MN is known for being a very cold place. With all of its beauty comes the undeniable cold that can't be avoided. Icy winds love to come down from the North and cause harsh winds and lots of cold. Knowing what to wear for a photoshoot can be more challenging than if it were a 60-degree day. Dressing for warmth is very important to consider if your photos are going to be taken outside.

Annika and Jack had their engagement photos taken in Duluth, MN in November. It was about 40 degrees out and very windy. These two were visiting from the Twin Cities so it was much cooler as they drove 2 hours north. Prior to sessions I always encourage folks to bring layers. It's better to be warm than to be freezing. You can always take off layers, drop large coats on the ground while some photos are snapped, or pick out a fashionable coat that matches your style and rock it.

Annika and Jack have an amazing sense of style. They only did 2 outfit changes but Annika utilized those layers and had completely different outfits with each layer of clothing. By adding a scarf and then a winter coat, Annika was able to create new looks while also keeping herself warm. Between walking to and from spots, these two were able to throw on warmer coats to stay nice and warm as well.

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