Palisade Head & Lake Superior Elopement

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Josie and Tim had their wedding plans drastically changed by COVID this year. Origianlly they were going to elope in New Zealand but when all travels were cancelled these two made a new plan. They didn't know exactly what they had in mind when they slid into my Instagram DM's. Josie said, "we don't know where to start" which are my favorite words to hear from clients!

Talking with couples at the start of their elopement process is my favorite place to start. We jumped on a Facetime call and I encouraged them to take time to think about what would make this THEIR dream wedding day. To throw traditions out the window that they didn't like and to keep the parts of a wedding that they liked. Josie and Tim decided that the gorgeous cliffs of Palisade Head and powerful Lake Superior could be just as wonderful as New Zealand. I helped them create a timeline to get all the best lighting for photos while giving them a restful morning to get ready for their honeymoon. Parts of a traditional wedding were kept, like the first dance, wearing a white dress, reading of vows, and family pictures.

Another perk for their elopement was their parents and grandparents were able to attend the day as well! The ceremony was intimate and had some of the most lovely weather we could have ever imagined.

The Northshore of Lake Superior served as the perfect backdrop for Josie and Tim's elopement.

CC Boyle Photography

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