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What does a Duluth, MN Courthouse Elopement Look Like?

Jackie and Reece Eloped at the stunning St. Louis County Courthouse. I always like to make a point for all my couples to know that a courthouse elopement is just as special and magical as a larger more traditional wedding. The freedom Reece and Jackie had to move freely on their wedding day was wonderful. Leading to some more exciting unplanned visits. The couple got ready together at Salyards Mansion. A stunning BnB located in the Congdon neighborhood in Duluth. Then made their way to the Courthouse to make it official. Climbed up the stunning old building to go to their courthouse room and meet their judge.

Every courthouse wedding I've photographed the judges do an outstanding job officiating such an event. Adding in wisdom, and sentimental bits, and making it a thoughtful ceremony. The witnesses signed the license and the couple is officially married once the certificate is sent out.

After the ceremony, Jackie was craving some ice cream. We headed to the best ice cream shop in Duluth, Love Creamery, to cure the craving and celebrate. The shop was delighted to treat the newlyweds to the best ice cream of their lives.

After the amazing ice cream, we drove over to Brighton Beach to get photos along the stunning rocky shore. Once photos and some rock throwing finished up the couple went off to their dinner reservation.

Eloping in Duluth you can really get an amazing experience. With such a beautiful backdrop like Duluth, you can't really go wrong in having the most perfect elopement day.

Flowers- Flora North

Here you can see what the Salyards Mansion looks like.

Jackie Standing outside the Salyards Mansion they got ready at.

Reece stepping out of the car after last minute finding a belt for the wedding

The gazebo on the grounds of the Salyard Mansion sure makes a lovely spot for photos

So much love and laughter shared between this couple.

Arriving at the Duluth, MN courthouse. St. Louis County has such a lovely courthouse building

Standing outside of the St. Louis county courthouse before getting married.

Reece holding the door open for bride to be Jackie.

Pressing the button to make it to the right floor of the St. Louis County office

Arriving to the correct floor to find more info about where the courtrooms are.

The ever so kind judge helping the couple feel less nervous about saying vows.

It's official these two are now married.

Rings have been exchanged to make their wedding day official

Signing all the right sections to make the elopement legit.

Floral North flowers making their stunning debut in the courtroom

Kissing in the stairwell at the Duluth, MN County courthouse.

Best spot to elope is the St. Louis country backdrop. There is so much marble and character this building.

Best Duluth MN Elopement Photographer capturing a courthouse elopement

Live, laugh, love. Reece is really happy to have the wedding planning officially over.

Sring cherry blossoms at the Duluth MN Courthouse

Courthouse elopement that is private and intimate.

Duluth MN Elopement

Strolling back to the car to get some ice cream!

Walking back to the car in the Duluth MN streets

Arriving at the love creamery store to be greeted by the most lovely scoopers

Love Creamery

Enjoying ice cream puffs at Love Creamery

Stunning early June elopement along Lake Superior

Lake Shore Elopement

Taking a hike together on an elopement is a care free way to love on one another.

Brighton Beach Elopement Photographer

Stunning Private beach along Duluth Minnesota

By far the best Duluth Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Taking photos of the sweetest couple

The weather cooperated so beautifully.

Duluth MN Elopement Photographer

Living for the best elopement of the year.

Reece and Jackie so excited to have along for the day running water and a nice big shower.

Throwing good luck wedding rocks into the lake.

The end of Reece and Jackie's elopement

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