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Kendra and Adam // Great Lakes Aquarium Wedding - Duluth, MN

A Great Lakes Aquarium Wedding in 70 frames. It's hard to sum up the moments that make a wedding day so special when delivering over a thousand images to this wonderful couple. The photos below are all frames that made my photographer heart so happy. In a sum they create a very unique viewing experience of what this wedding day felt like. Expectation have been thrown out the door on what a wedding day should look like as Kendra and Adam gave me their full and total trust to capture what really mattered in the moment.

Fun Fact: Kendra and I found out on her wedding day that we are 5th cousins. Happy to have met another family member and capture their memories!


Getting Ready- Fitgers Hotel

Hair and Make-up- Fitgers Salon

Duluth MN Wedding Photographer

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Cece Boyle Wedding Photographer for the Great Lakes Aquarium

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Duluth Rose Gardens, for wedding photography

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Duluth Minnesota Wedding

Marriage on the North Shore of Duluth

Rocky Beach in Duluth MN Wedding Photos

Wedding Pictures at the Rose garden in Duluth MN

Duluth MN wedding photographer. The best in Northern Minnesota. Cece Boyle Photography

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Duluth Aquarium Wedding

Ceremony space at the Duluth Aquarium in Duluth MN

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