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Flash Photography at Weddings

For the longest time flash photography has been something I wasn't confident or comfortable with. In the last 3 wedding years, it has become my favorite ways to capture the late-night scenes that play out at a wedding. I have been mentored by flash photography masters Makayla Renoos and Bryan Jonathan in the last few years, and am so grateful for their wisdom that they passed down to me. I wouldn't know half of what I know today if it weren't for them. Now flash photography is one of my favorite ways to story tell on a wedding day. I firmly believe that being a wedding photographer you have to have the ability to show up with the best knowledge and understanding on how to properly light and capture each scene. Your gear is the tool for doing so.

Here I'll include some information on what I use to shoot weddings with flash photography. My setup is pretty small, I use strobes to create the images I am making.

Godox Pocket Flash- This is what I use to light the dance floor, rooms, and different spaces.

On Camera Flash + Trigger- The trigger talks to the flashes in the link above, telling them when to fire and how much light to let out.

Flash Stand - To hold those flashes up in the air where ever

You'll need this- connects the light to the flash stand and allows you to swivel it.

Educating yourself on how to actually use the gear is a whole entire other story but this is what is in my bag!

Enjoy some photos made with this gear.

On Camera Flash-

Wedding at Aquarium in Duluth Minnesota, Dance floor

Dance Floor partyyy in Duluth Minnesota wedding

On Camera Flash-

Direct Flash Cece Boyle Wedding Photographer

Background light is off camera + on-camera flash-

Aquarium Duluth Minnesota

Holding pop can flash in hand-

Love Creamery Ice cream scoopers at the Glensheen Mansion

Off Camera Flashes-

Dancing at the Garden Clubs Duluth MN

Cece Boyle Photos

Direct Flash-

The Duluth Wedding Photographer CCBoyle Photography

Holding "pop can" flash in hand-

Holding pop can flash in hand-

camp miller wedding

On Camera Flash-

Dancing Photos

You can spot the off-camera flashes here-

Dancing Photos at the Union Depot

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