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Fitz + Izzy - Duluth, MN Pet Session

Updated: Apr 11

Dogs are a huge part of our lives and so are our pets. It's my joy to hang out with you and your dogs to create photos. For the past 4 years, I have been passionate about telling stories of sled dogs, house dogs, family pets, goats, chickens and so much more.

Fitz brought all the action. He is a high-energy dog who lives out in the country, his bond with Izzy is undeniable. To make pets feel comfortable with a camera around them, I like to start these sessions where your pet feels most comfortable. Izzy and Fitz brought me along on their favorite walking trails out of their backyard. Fitz was able to run around a lot and forgot that the camera mattered. We went for a nice big loop around the trail system before coming back to their home. Fitz and Izzy played while she recalled stories of their life together, how she got him, life the first year together and so much more.

For many of my clients who book a pet session like Izzy and Fitz, these photoshoots serve as a meaningful way to capture this time in life. Pets don't get to live forever sadly and occupy such a huge part of our hearts. Having photos that bring to life the energy, movement, and personality of your pet is so valuable.

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