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Hey, I'm Cece! 

 I live out of a tiny home on the Northshore of Lake Superior


I've been a professional photographer for over 8 years. Seeing you as exactly who you are, is the simple version of how I create images. 

It's my mission to help capture your most cherished moments of organic joy, celebration, laughter, and vulnerability. I hope that these images will be a tangible reminder of your life, your love, and your legacy. 




Tiny House Living


Curious about the Tiny House? Learn more 



Wintergreen Winter Wear (2022) 
Madshus Nordic Skis (2022)
- Midwest Living Magazine (2022) 
K2 Roller Skates (2021)
The Camping Show Podcast (2021)
Hunt Fish Conserve Podcast -EP 16- (2022) 
MN State Artist Grant recipient (2021-2022)
Love Creamery (2019-2022) (2018-2022)
JCI St. Paul's Best 100 Art Show (2017)
Cover of MN Yoga + Life (2017)


Thrill Seeking

Having Lake Superior in my backyard is something I take full advantage of. In my free time I get out there as much as possible. I enjoy surfing, paddle boarding, swimming and canoeing! Pictured here is a wild and windy day on the lake where my friends and I went down winding. Meaning we paddled with the 5-7ft waves off Lake Superior letting us get pulled along the lake. 

My Life on Film

I throw a film camera in my bag when I go on trips. Here is what I am up to when I'm out of the office. 

Life with Hoolaan

In the spring of 2023, it was finally time to add a retired sled dog into my life. I have always dreamed of having a dog since I was little. For the last 3 years, I have spent the winter season running sled dogs in Minnesota and Alaska. After spending 5 months in Alaska in 2022-2023, I knew I was ready to give a retired sled dog a cozy life to live out her golden years. Hoolaan has always had my heart since I started working with her in 2020. When she decided she was done pulling a dog sled, I reached out to her musher to see if I could be her next home.


Meet Hoolaan, pronounced, "Who-lawn". She is my sidekick in life. She is a 7-year-old retired sprint racing sled dog from Minnesota. Hoolaan can be found either going on long walks or sleeping. When she goes out she likes to eat ice cream treats from Love Creamery and hike. Her least favorite activity is getting her nails trimmed. 

Personal Instagram


If you're curious on what goes on in my personal life, feel free to follow along!

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