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Things to do for a North Shore Elopement

Deciding how to spend your elopement day might be the trickiest part of planning your day. Knowing exactly what you want to do can be overwhelming especially if you feel like you don't know the area that well. I'm here to help with a list of things you can do on the North Shore.

Duluth, Minnesota has so much to offer for an incredible elopement day. What you decide to do for your elopement day can be something you already love doing together or something totally brand new. It's your day and you don't have to plan anyone else's ideas into your timeline. Just because you're eloping doesn't mean that your day isn't as important and special as any 300+ person wedding day. Dream big and kick off your marriage in the most exciting way you can dream of. Your commitment to one another is the start of something amazing! Let's celebrate!

Best Places and things to do for an North shore elopement
Ursa Minor Brewery Elopement

Here's a list of ideas, and things to do on your elopement day.

  1. Go Hiking

  2. Brewery Visting (Ursa Minor, Bent Paddle, Hoops, etc.)

  3. Watch the sunrise from Lake Superior

  4. Sea Kayaking with Day Tripper of Duluth

  5. Sailing

  6. Cliff Jumping

  7. Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Superior Paddle Academy

  8. Walk along the sandy shores of Park Point Beach

  9. Have a campfire at Wisconsin Point Beach

  10. Go Hammocking

  11. Boating on Lake Superior on the Vista Fleet.

  12. Picnic

  13. Swimming in chilly Lake Superior

  14. Surfing

  15. Ride the Scenic Train up the shore

  16. Fly over Lake Superior in a plane! Here for more info

  17. Eat some Love Creamery Ice Cream

  18. Visiting the countless waterfalls along the north shore

  19. White Water Rafting with Swift Water Adventures

  20. Mountain Biking on the Duluth Traverse trail.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The North Shore has SO MANY amazing things you can do! If you have different ideas of your own, reach out because I'd love to hear all about them.

Cece Boyle Photographer Best Elopement Photographer in Northern Minnesota

Duluth Minnesota Photographer on the North Shore. Best place to Elope on the North Shore
Writing vows for one another

Cool things to do on the North Shore for an elopement

Bean and Bear Lake Elopement Hike

Pallisade Head Elopement on the North Shore


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