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Pet Photos of Aging Pup Freya - Duluth Minnesota

I asked Megan, "what made you want to get photos of you and Freya together?" and she responded, "Freya is getting older, so I'm trying to figure out how to begin saying goodbye".

Freya, a 12 year old rescue dog is a long-time companion of Megan. The two live together in their house on the hill in Duluth, Minnesota. They love to take walks around the block and play fetch in the yard. Freya's favorite spot in the world is the beach so we brought her there. As soon as Freya got to the beach she was a freight train barreling towards the blue water. Freya spent most of her session jumping into Lake Superior chasing a stick and swimming around.

These Pet Story Sessions are incredible to witness the bond between human and four legged friend. Photographing a glimpse into your everyday life together is so important to honor the time you share together.

Now accepting Pet Sessions around the State of Minnesota!

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