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Duluth MN Engagement Session // Patrick + Abbie

On a windy and cold day in October, I had the pleasure of photographing the engagement of Pat and Abbie. Little did I know that it was also their 7-year anniversary of dating, making this photoshoot even more meaningful. With their wedding just a year away in the fall of 2024, it was essential to capture their love story in these photographs.

We decided to start our adventure at Enger Tower, a place that holds a special significance for Pat and Abbie. It was here that they first caught feelings for each other during a high school cross-country race. As we walked through the familiar paths, I could see the nostalgia in their eyes, remembering the memories and life experiences they have shared over the years. It warmed my heart to witness their love still shining brightly.

Enger Tower was not only a place where their love story bloomed, but it was also where Pat proposed to Abbie. With its breathtaking view of Duluth and Lake Superior, it is no wonder this location has a special place in their hearts. As we explored the tower and its surroundings, I encouraged them to be themselves, to embrace their love, and to let their connection shine through the photographs.

The weather that day was not the most welcoming. The wind was fierce, and the chill in the air reminded us all that winter was approaching. But Pat and Abbie didn't let that deter them. Instead, they held each other close, finding comfort and warmth in their embrace. Their love for Duluth and Lake Superior was unmatched, and it was evident in every photograph I captured.

In the late afternoon, we decided to head to Park Point to capture some dreamy photos. Despite the wind and the risk of rain, we were fortunate enough to have the weather on our side. As the waves crashed against the shore and the sun began to set, I couldn't help but feel the magical atmosphere surrounding us.

For the remainder of the photoshoot, I wanted to capture the essence of Pat and Abbie's relationship. I wanted the photographs to evoke a sense of being lived in, romantic, playful, free-spirited, and candid. They laughed, they danced, and they shared intimate moments that truly captured the depth of their connection.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, bringing an end to our time together, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to be part of Pat and Abbie's love story. Their engagement photos turned out beautifully, showcasing the love and joy they share. It was an honor to document their journey, and I am excited to see what the future holds for this amazing couple.

Cheers to Pat and Abbie, may your love continue to grow and flourish as you embark on this new chapter together.

Patrick and Abbie dancing around at Enger Tower.

Cuddled in Close at the top of Enger Tower for their engagement photos

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