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What to Wear

Your Session is right around the corner!

Wear something you feel comfortable in. Your clothes should be something you can feel confident in while getting your photo taken. Depending on how formal you'd like your session to be, make sure what your wearing is easy to walk around in and you won't have to constantly adjust you clothing. Feel free to bring layers along on your shoot too.


Avoid wearing neon colors or really patterned things, this will take away from your wonderful face and distract whoever is viewing the photo. Solid colors or earthy tones are always a safe bet. If you are feeling confused send over images of outfit options you have in mind and I can help you narrow it down. 



Keeping it Simple

 I can't fabricate who you are because you are already wonderful just the way you are. This is why I keep posing prompt-based, I'll give you actions to do for you posing. (Ex: hold hands and walk here) ​

When I give you a prompt I want you to forget that I am even there, all you should worry about is how you feel at that moment. Be sure to keep on moving as much as possible. You are always welcome to take a prompt or pose and run with it. Make it your own! I never want a client to feel uncomfortable. If you hate what I've asked you to do, I give you total permission to change it without questions to fit who you are.

CCBoyle Photography- Class 2020-7.jpg
CBPhotos- CSS Grad photos -58.jpg

Do it Again!

I might ask you to do a prompt or hold a pose over and over again. That is usually because the light there is amazing and I want to make sure we don't miss this perfect shot.


You are doing it!

Truth be told getting your photo taken can be pretty awkward. I get that 100% and will be working to make the experience as normal for you as possible. I'm so happy you've taken the chance to put yourself out there.



During your shoot it's all about you! Feel free to bring just yourself, family or a friend or two. Try to keep it under 5 friends just so you are able to get all the photo time you'll need. 

CBPhotos- CSS Grad photos -43.jpg

I hope these images can provide a bit of outfit inspiration! I can't wait for your session, it's going to be epic.


 Leave any fears you've got behind there is no need to worry, you are perfect! 

CCBoyle Photography- Class 2020-102.jpg

You'll want to arrive 5 minutes before your session time. During these mini-sessions, I'll be working with other graduates before and after your session. It's very important that you are on time to make sure you get that full 25-30 minutes that you have. Please be patient if I'm wrapping up with another grad, I'll be with you as soon as possible. 


Canal Park Mini's: May 14th 

Meet me under the lift bridge on the Canal Park Side 5 mins before your assigned session time.

Tower Hall Mini's: May 15th

Meet me in front of Tower Hall on the steps somewhere. 


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