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What to Wear

Your Session is right around the corner!

Wear something you feel comfortable in. Your clothes should be something you can feel confident in while getting your photo taken. Depending on how formal you'd like your session to be, make sure what your wearing is easy to walk around in and you won't have to constantly adjust you clothing. Feel free to bring layers along on your shoot too.


Avoid wearing neon colors or really patterned things. Solid colors or earthy tones are always a safe bet. If you are feeling confused send over images of outfit options you have in mind and I can help you narrow it down. 

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Keeping it Simple

Every couple shows love, joy, and affection in their own unique ways. I can't fabricate that for you because you already know how you feel comfortable showing your love. This is why I keep posing prompt-based, I'll give you actions todo for you posing. (Ex: hold hands and walk here) ​

I want you to forget that I am even there, all you should worry about is how you feel at that moment. Be sure to keep on moving and if you forget that I'm even there. Run with any prompts I give you. Make it your own! I never want a client to feel uncomfortable. If you hate what I've asked you to do, I give you total permission to change it without questions to fit who you are.

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No Weird Posing

I encourage you to take the lead. I want you both to explore the location you have chosen to have your portraits at. 

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You can do no wrong

Don't worry about doing the "wrong thing". I take THOUSANDS of photos, we are bound to be a few weird ones. 

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Your Love is Electric!

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During your shoot we can do literally anything you want to do. It's pretty simple, we just hang out and I capture you being humans. 


You might be thinking "what the heck does that mean?" Pretty much just be present, you'll do great! 

During your shoot it's all about you two. I actually don't talk much during your session. I capture you both for real, there's no need to put on a show for the camera or to change in anyway. 

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 Leave any fears you've got behind there is no need to worry, you are perfect for the camera!

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