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Hey, I'm Cece Boyle

I'm so excited you chose to get professional headshots taken. Your future self will thank you when it's time to change your email profile photo or whatever the need might be I am honored. Thanks for taking the time to book a session and I am honored to be capturing your spirit in these photos. 


What to Wear

Your Session is right around the corner!

Most people get stumped on what they should wear and here is my best advice. 


Wear something you feel comfortable in. Your clothes should be something you can feel confident in. Clothing can range from casual to very formal. Feel free to bring layers along too if you are unsure. 2-3 looks is a good range of outfits.


Avoid wearing neon colors or really patterned things like tight stripes. Solid colors or earthy tones are always a safe option. If you are feeling confused send over images of outfit options you have in mind and I can help you narrow it down too. 

Sarah Riddle-67_websize.jpg


Keeping it Simple

I'll have a variety of chairs, stools, and things for you to sit on so you have something to do with your hands. Being photographed for a lot of people can feel awkward. 

Confidence is key, I'll never have you pose in a way you aren't comfortable. You are always welcome to take the lead for however, you'd like to sit or stand in your photos.  We will work together to make sure you get to be yourself, these aren't like stiff and awkward grade school portraits. 



For this round of headshots, the location will be indoors and in Duluth, MN. I have left it as TBD, as my in-home studio might be used for this session, it is a bit up in the air. I also have a space in mind in downtown Duluth as well as a backup. You will be notified a week before the session if it will take place in downtown Duluth or at my in-home studio. 


All images are lightly edited. For headshots, I tend to keep all colors and styles as natural as possible looking. I want the photo to look like you. I remove any acne blemishes to keep the photos looking like you. Things like teeth whitening, getting rid of double chins, or changing face structure I do not do. 

Duluth Public Library-2_websize.jpg
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