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What to Wear

Your Session is right around the corner!

Wear something you feel comfortable in. Pro-tip: Dress your kids last. It's much easier to pick something out for your little ones after you've found something you really enjoy wearing. 


I recommend sticking to neutral colors. Avoid wearing neon colors or really patterned things, this will take away from your wonderful face and distract whoever is viewing the photo. Solid colors or earthy tones are always a safe bet. If you are feeling confused send over images of outfit options you have in mind and I can help you narrow it down. 

PRINT CCBoyle Photography-30.jpg


Keeping it Simple

Making sure everyone is relaxed and comfortable is my goal.


That's why I shoot with a documentary style. Take full freedom to do what you'd usually do as a family if I wasn't there with a camera. Keep your life as normal feeling as possible. It can seem a bit awkward having someone tag along in your day to day life. If you play it off as not a big deal that's the best. 



I might ask you to do a prompt or hold a pose. It happens rarely but it's to ensure we get some good light and don't miss out.

ccboyle pics-172.jpg


Truth be told getting your photo taken can be pretty awkward. I get that 100% and will be working to make the experience as normal for you as possible. I'm so happy you've taken the chance to put yourself out there.

WEB ccboylephotography-59.jpg

Let  them Be Wild!

I encourage to let your kids be a little wild. It know that every family wants that one picture where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. I promise you we will get that one shot that you'll print, hang up on the wall and cherish for years. 

Every kid is different in how they want the session to go. I roll with your families punches and feel things out. If everyones a little bit more shy we might start with some walking or moving around.  

All the goofy faces, weird poses and strange things your kiddos do are priceless and it's something I love to photograph. You'll want to remember these little parts of their personality shining through. 

CCBOYLE- LOVE Creamery-5.jpg
ccboyle pics-38.jpg

Gaining everyone in your families trust is an important piece of being able to be able take AMAZING photo of everyone together.


Patience is key and I will take hundreds and sometimes even a 1,000+ photos to get you that perfect one. You just be you and present together as a family. That is all I ask of you.

Example Session

The Gurwell Family had never been to Tettegouche State Park before. They were on their way up the North Shore and met up with me before making it to their final destination Lutsen. We took some time to play on the rocks, throw a lot of rocks, climb rocks. Ultimately it was up to the kids on where we went. 

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